The professional aim of the Hungarian Orchid Society is to give scientific and practical support for its members’ activities – for a professional or leisure purpose – on the protection, cultivation, multiplication, and physiological phenomena research of the orchid species.
It is stated in our regulations: “The aim is to take good care of the members’ professional and social relationships, to arrange club-like gatherings and exhibitons, to organize high-level presentations and conferences with the invitation of local and foreign lecturers. Part of the society’s activities is providing information service about the biological-scientific research; a basic mission is the protection of nature and the environment.
The Society publishes booklets, runs a professional journal, and organizes research and education exchange-programs both locally and abroad.
Also the Society arranges exhibitions and fairs two times a year – in the spring and autumn, for both events we invite exhibitors and sellers from abroad as well. Currently we have 250 members.
We operate a website, whose address is www.orchideatasasag.hu, and we also have a page on Facebook, where we notify the general public about the events of the Hungarian Orchid Society, and where we try to recruit further members.
In connection with different websites we provide online orchid consultation.